I'm Collin Hartigan

Collin Hartigan

Technology, Design, Code, Cats, & Science-Fiction

Collin Hartigan

What I do


Software, web, design & more

Collin Hartigan

I love building sites, apps & businesses. Some of my tools are Sketch, Xcode, WebStorm, & Slack. Want to build something? Digital products are what I love. I specialize in mobile product deveopment (I code apps), web product development (I code websites), along with other fun project management bits.

A little about me

What am I all about?

Collin Hartigan

I've worked with dozens of startups, companies such as Google, Purina, Nespresso, USA & more to create amazing products.

Most of my time is spent building unique startups, working with amazing companies, and changing the tech landscape. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Silicon Valley is my home. I love animals, traveling, basketball and science-fiction novels.

Ever need to pay me? Or perhaps I owe you? Simple!

I love taking a look at new products from time to time. This one I thought was fun!

A simple url, cash.me/$collinhartigan, will take you to a direct payment page unique to me. Pretty neat!

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