I'm Collin Hartigan

Collin Hartigan

Technology, Design, Code, Cats, & Science-Fiction

Collin Hartigan

What I do

  • Co-Creator of Vindora
  • Member of Usanza Labs
  • Maker of Sorrce
  • Focus: UI, UX, Mobile Development & Design, Swift, Web Development & Design, Design & Behavioral Thinking


Software, web, design & more

Collin Hartigan

I love building sites, apps & businesses. Some of my tools are Sketch, Xcode, WebStorm, & Slack. Want to build something? Digital products are what I love. I specialize in mobile product deveopment (I code apps: multiple in the iOS App Store), web product development (I code websites), along with other fun project management bits.

A little about me

What am I all about?

Collin Hartigan

I've worked with dozens of startups, companies such as Google, Purina, Nespresso, USA & more to create amazing products.

Most of my time is spent building unique startups, working with amazing companies, and changing the tech landscape. Connect with me on LinkedIn.

Silicon Valley is my home. I love animals, traveling, basketball and science-fiction novels.

My Work

Collin Hartigan

Vindora: Drink Wines You Love!

Vindora recommends the best wines for your palette and wallet. Get started by saving your favorite wines to your online cellar with one touch.

Vindora applies a sophisticated search technique against our extensive database. Drink wines according to your ratings, not someone else’s.

Collin Hartigan

Sorrce: 3 clicks. Crazy content. An app to look at fun stuff. Bored? Get the Sorrce.

It's simple. Sorrce provides you with 3 items of crazy content. Each item can be upvoted, saved, and more. Shake for a different set of three. The most interesting content will rise to the top.

You never know when the Sorrce will update, so keep an eye out.

Collin Hartigan

Ladera Labs: Monitor and Control Anything

We build automation softare and hardware that gives you the power to monitor and control any object from anywhere in the world.

Founded out of Stanford StartX we have made it our mission to solve complex real-world problems using software and hardware solutions that just work.

Collin Hartigan

Usanza Labs: Discover your power through software. Wondrous products are hatched and created at Usanza Labs.

Our team believes in bringing authentic, practical experiences to the digital space. We look to match real-world problems with smooth, seamless technology. We stretch from multiple disciplines to bring a wide view of technology, product, and market to the table.

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